Helping People With Disabilities Navigate Public Spaces


Please consider donating to Ability App.  Our goal is to raise money to continue to pay our development team, and pay for the ongoing monthly costs associated with hosting Ability App.  The costs associated with launching and running an app with global ambitions are higher than you might think.  In addition to the need to continue to pay our small team of engineers,  we are also preparing to pay substantial hosting fees based on a large number of users accessing the app once it is officially live. 

Our goal is to positively impact over 1 Billion lives within a 10 year period.  As Ability App grows, and as we welcome more and more users over time, we will eventually be able to cover more of the ongoing expenses for the app through advertising within the app, but until then, we need your support to help us bridge the gap between the start up phase and the self sustaining phase. Thank you!

Your support is greatly appreciated and 100% of your donation is used to develop Ability App. We have 3 convenient donation options to choose from below: