Here are just a few of the disability friendly features that will be listed on the app. Please note that we have many more features listed on the app we're building!

Automatic Front Doors

Automatic Interior Doors

Beach Access (Wheelchair and Walker Accessible)

Boat Launch Access (Wheelchair Accessible)

Braille Menu

Braille Directions

Braille Signs

Campground Access (Wheelchair and Walker Accessible)

​Changing Room (Wheelchair Accessible)

Electric Wheelchair (Complimentary Use At Business)
Electric Wheelchair (Rental Fee For Use At Business)

Elevator (Wheelchair Accessible)

Family Restroom (Wheelchair Accessible)

Family Restroom (Child and Adult Changing Table Available)


Hearing Aid Compatible Devices

Hiking Trail Accessible (Wheelchair and Walker Accessible)

Lift (Wheelchair Lift)

Low Counter Top Height (Wheelchair Accessible)

Low Hotel Bed (Wheelchair Accessible)

Manual Wheelchair (Complimentary Use At Business)

Manual Wheelchair (Rental Fee For Use At Business)

Park Access (Wheelchair Friendly)

Parking (Accessible), Parking (Van Accessible)

Playground Access (Wheelchair and Walker Accessible)

Quiet Environment

Ramps (Wheelchair Friendly)

Restroom (Wheelchair Accessible)

Restroom (Child and Adult Changing Table Available)

Restaurant Seating (Wheelchair Accessible)

Service Animal Friendly Facility

Service Animal Relief Area

Sign Language Spoken By Staff

Stadium & Event Seating (Wheelchair Accessible)

Showers (Wheelchair Accessible)

Shopping Assistance

Sidewalk Curb Cut

Tactile Pavement

Talking Crosswalk System

Telecom Devices For People With Hearing Impairments (or TDD)

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Searches can be refined by selecting specific business type, disability friendly features and services, or by searching by specific disability.  A city, state or zip code can also be entered for proximity or you can use a mobile device's GPS.

Here are just a few of the disability friendly features that can be selected: 
Automatic front doors, automatic interior doors, Braille menus, Braille signs, complimentary wheelchair, complimentary electric wheelchair, wheelchair friendly aisles, wheelchair friendly counter top heights, restrooms for people with disabilities, parking spaces for people with disabilities (including the number of parking stalls), elevators, service animal friendly, handrails, hearing aid compatible devices, shopping assistance, sidewalk curb cut, tactile pavement, talking crosswalk system, closed captioning available, induction loop, visual alerting devices, wheelchair seating, wheelchair lift, wheelchair friendly changing rooms, disability friendly transportation options, wheelchair friendly hotel room bed, wheelchair friendly hotel room shower, wheelchair ramp, wheelchair accessible hiking trails, quiet spaces, low lighting, wheelchair accessible parks, beaches and boat launches and much more.   Please note that there are many more features listed on the app that is being developed!

Features will be available for all types of disabilities including:

  • Cognitive
  • Hearing Loss and Deafness
  • Invisible Disabilities
  • Mobility Impairments
  • Psychological Disorders
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Vision Disability

Here are just a few of the disability friendly services that can be selected:

Transportation, individualized support and services, accessible housing, service animals, in-home care, grocery delivery, physical therapy, occupational therapy, mobility solutions, counseling, support services, service animal resources and more. 

Hi! My name is Alexander and I'm 13 years old. I love helping people and I'm excited to tell you about the app I am currently developing called Ability App. 

A lot of people ask me how I thought of this app idea.  It all started 4 years ago, when I was 9 and I saw a man in a wheelchair attempt to open a very heavy door at a sporting goods store. The door didn't have an automatic push button to open the door. As the man struggled to get through the door,  I wondered if there was an app that could have told him, before he left  his house, about the features available at this and other sporting goods stores around the area.  After doing some research, I wasn't able to find any such app.  So, I decided that I would create the app to assist disabled people in finding the features at various locations that could meet their needs.  

When I was 10, I submitted my idea to Invent Idaho, a non-profit student invention competition, and I won the Best Of Show in the State of Idaho.  I then submitted my idea to I Cubed, a National Student Invention Competition, and became the National Grand Champion!

I submitted my app prototype to the AT&T and Imagination Foundation Inventor's Challenge and my app won that international competition.

I also submitted my app prototype to the Discovery 3M Young Scientist's Challenge and won a State Merit Award for my State of Idaho.

My goal is to create an effective app with a database of  safe and accurate information that can make the lives of people with disabilities and their caregivers easier.

Ability App received a generous $25,000 donation from Shutterfly and the Ellen DeGeneres team.   

If you would like to become an Accessibility Ambassador, to help add accessibility information from the cities where you live and work to Ability App, please click here!

Once the specific business, features and/or proximity has been selected, detailed information about the business will be displayed including: 

  • Business Hours
  • Business Address
  • Contact Info
  • Directions To The Business
  • Disability Friendly Features
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Ratings
  • Customer Comments
  • Customer Videos
  • Customer Photos

Business owners can also claim their listing to keep information current and specials can be offered.

The Ability App Home Page (Photo To Left)

On This Page, Users Can Search For Employment, A Specific Service, Features, Disability or Business Type, Check-in To A Business, Write A Review, Post Photos and Videos, View Specials, Login For Customized Features and More.  They can also learn about our commitment to safety and accuracy  through accredited businesses and the use of background checks.


The Ability App helps people with disabilities find disability friendly employment, service providers and features at specific locations. 

Step 1: Home Page
Choose the type of service or business by either selecting the service or use the search bar to type in the service. A voice activated system can be selected if the user doesn't have use of their limbs. The app will also be compatible with eye tracking software- for users who do not have use of their limbs or voice.

Step 2: Services & Features Page
Select specific disability friendly services like grocery delivery, occupational therapy, transportation, mobility, etc.  Or you can also select disability friendly features like wheelchair ramps, Braille menus, elevators, etc.

Step 3: Business Listing Page

This page will show you the business listings for your search.  It will show the phone #, address, directions, and more.  It will display the disability friendly services and features available in the area selected.  Customers can write reviews, upload videos, add comments, share opinions and photos of the business. Business owners can also update their information to keep it current.  

The Problem

According to the World Health Organization, over a billion people, about 15% of the world's population, have some form of disability.  Between 110 million and 190 million adults have significant difficulties in functioning. Rates of disability are increasing due to population aging and increases in chronic health conditions, among other causes.

People with disabilities do not have a resource readily available, in one easy to access location, to inform them about the disability friendly features they may or may not find at the places they visit throughout our country or the world, or find safe, reliable services and employment...until now.

The Solution

The goal of Ability App, once developed,  is to improve the lives of all people with disabilities by giving them the resources to make informed decisions.  Ability App will help people with disabilities and their caregivers search for specific disability friendly features, services and employment. Disability friendly features at specific locations will be listed like wheelchair ramps, Braille signs and menus, service animal relief locations, assistive technology for people with hearing impairments, wheelchair friendly restaurant seating and more.  Plus, services like in-home care, grocery delivery, transportation, and occupational therapy.  Employment opportunities, specifically for people with disabilities, will also be listed on Ability App. 

The app will be free to download on any mobile device and will also be available on the Ability App website.   Ability App is currently being developed and isn't available to download quite yet.  You can sign up for progress updates by clicking here.

People who have visual impairments, and people without the use of their limbs, will be able to search the app simply by using their voice.  Our app will be eye tracking software compatible for individuals who do not have the use of their limbs or voice.

About The

Ability App Inventor

About Ability App

Employment Opportunities (Photo To Right)

Can Also Be Selected From Accredited Agencies. Detailed Information Will Be Listed Like :

  • Position Available
  • Job Description
  • Click To Apply
  • Business Hours
  • Business Address
  • Contact Info
  • Directions To The Business
  • Employee Reviews

Please contact  us for more information:

​Via email:  ​

Ability App
P.O. Box 2665
​Post Falls, ID 83877-2665

United States

We need your help! If you would like to volunteer to become an Ability Ambassador, please sign up below.  

Ability Ambassadors simply note where the disability friendly features are where they live, work, play and visit.  It's fun, free and easy!  There's no obligation! Just help, if you can.  We hope that you will join us in making this world accessible for everyone.

Thank you for your support!

Once the app is developed, we will notify you! 


Searches can also be made for features and services specific to a disability:
ALS, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy, Spina Bifida, Dyslexia, Vision Impairment, Hearing Impairment, Intellectual Disability, Spinal Cord Injury, Limb Loss, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Brain Injury and many more.

Ability App will also feature disability friendly employment opportunities where employers can post their job openings through accredited agencies.

Your Donations Are Greatly Appreciated. 100% Of Your Donation Will Go To The Development, Updates and Improvements Of Ability App!  Thank you for your support!